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We are a permaculture Urban Homestead in east Toronto, which grows over 70 different varieties of herbs.

We guide earth lovers living in the fast paced city to reconnect to their own rhythm in relationship with nature. 

Wild By Nature is a way of life

It's about being in rhythm with yourself. 

It reflects you in the world & your relationships.


Mentoring  Community

In person learning

in small groups


Herbal Workshops
Hands on classes to learn about and make things with herbs.

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Shop our herbal tisanes, hydrosols and botanical skincare


"There is a sort of intuition that is gained when you hold back and listen to the garden. It becomes obvious with time; nature simply cannot be rushed."

Who do we serve?

All kinds of people in the GTA - busy parents, keen gardeners, restless creatives, urban professionals,  tired caregivers -  who are looking for a deeper connection to nature while living in the city.  They are all brave enough to follow their longing.

Maybe you are also feeling a sustained wish for a deeper, wilder and more natural connection. 

A more rooted and thorough bond to your own body, its rhythms and complexities. 

A greater ease and belonging in the natural world around you —whether with herbs growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, in the thicket of a nearby ravine or on your own windowsill. 


An ever present desire to learn how to forage, grow, harvest and embody the powerful transformational magic of herbs that heal and delight you. 

This longing is especially intense as we live in the city, with its unrelenting hum and bustle of expectations and schedules.

Wild By Nature was created to meet these needs.  We have opened our arms in welcome for you to join us in experiencing your reconnection to your natural rhythm.

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