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- Herbal Workshops -

Submerge yourself in learning the skills of an urban homesteader and herbal witch... 

All workshops are on Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm, except September 23rd, which is on Saturday from 2-4pm.

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Summer can really give our skin a beating- too much sun, heat, humidity, and chlorine can all age our skin faster than we wish.  Learn about pre and post sun care, including sunburn and heat rash, as well as how to handle scraped knees and bug bites.


Take home a tin of Soothe Salve or bottle of Sun Kissed Face Serum

You really wanted a herb garden, now what do you do with it all? Learn how to prune, harvest and store your harvest to maximize productivity, potency and pungency.  


Take home a Herbal Seasoning Salt and Herbal Vinegar

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What are they? Why do you need them in your life? How do you make them?  Get the skinny on steam distillation to extract the water soluble compounds of herbs and flowers.  You will wonder how you ever lived without them!


Take home a spray bottle of freshly made hydrosol.  

Herbal infused oils are the basis for botanical skincare.  

Infusing oils directly harness the natural healing properties of plants.  Come and learn everything you need to know to make luscious, potent, shelf stable oils.

Take home a bottle of herb infused oil.

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Up your tea making game! Join us for a tea party where you can sip while you learn the fundamentals of herbal tea - including blending and brewing techniques.  


Take home a bottle of a custom herbal tea blend you make.

Stay vibrant through the fall and winter seasons.

See what fills our apothecary shelf in the cold months to keep us vibrant and strong.  Learn to make remedies that will help ease colds, flus and viruses, scratchy throats and drippy noses and offer support to your immune system.


Take home a bottle of Elderberry Syrup.

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$75 per perso

Register for two workshops and pay $70 each,
three or more workshops and pay $65 each

All participants will take home a herbal product relevant to the workshop (value of $25).


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