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- Hydrosols -

Hydrosols are gentle remedies that offer an immense array of benefits to all skin types. These powerful plant waters have been used for millennia to bring harmony and serenity to skin and spirit.


What are hydrosols?

Hydrosols are gentle yet powerful plant waters and have been used for millennia to bring harmony and serenity to skin and spirit. Hydrosols can be used to protect and hydrate your skin. They are easy to absorb and can be safely used without diluting.


We craft our hydrosols through steam distillation using purified water and only the fresh herbs and flowers we grow organically on our urban farm.

This ancient alchemy delivers a botanical water full of therapeutic molecules. Each hydrosol has a unique profile with a long lists of benefits.

Due to their delicate nature, please store in a cool, dry place. Hydrosols should not be stored in the refrigerator. They like a cool, stable environment and temperature fluctuations disturb them.

We believe each of our hydrosols have a distinct personality.  Read their character profiles of the what we have in stock.


1.Protects our sensitive skin.

2. Helps shift mood to a calmer, more grounded state.

(from external stressors like UV rays & pollution).

3. Softens and smoothes skin.

4. Excellent toner and pH balancer.

5. Gentle and easily absorbed.

6. Hydrates and vitalizes all skin types.

7. Calms inflamed or irritated skin.

8. Valuable as an aromatherapy spray.

9. Soothes burns, rashes, bites & wounds.

10. Will infuse you with absolute joy.

11. Eases headaches and muscle tension.

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