- About Us -

Wild By Nature is an urban homestead in east Toronto, nestled in a quiet residential neighbourhood.  Our methods are based on permaculture principles. We garden organically and follow biodynamic practices.  We strongly believe it is possible and vital to grow your own food and medicine in the city. We operate with a growth mindset and are ever curious to discover what we can learn each day in the garden.  


We are a family of three and we live in our little cottage like bungalow with our orange cat.   Through our apprenticeship and volunteer programs we have handfuls of wonderful folks who work and learn through the season with us.

Your mentor:

Maria Solakofski is a self taught food and ecological pioneer, who has been involved in the local food community for 25 years. Some of her unique leadership initiatives and experiences include: 

  • Founding Guerrilla Gourmet, a slow food movement forging connections with local farmers and food enthusiasts

  • Selling home grown fresh herbs and home made herbal products at farmer’s markets 

  • Establishing systems to provide seedlings through her own nursery

  • Designing and overseeing the installation of residential and public teaching gardens

  • Building community and growing resilience through public gardening initiatives

  • Creation and delivery of children’s garden programming

  • Running a flourishing local food catering business

  • Headlining cooking classes focused on local food and seasonal harvests

  • Growing herbs, edible flowers and herbs tisanes to supply restaurants

  • Composing bespoke home grown cut flower bouquets for events and special orders

  • Conceiving recipes and organizing workshops on herbal medicine and edible cosmetics