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Made from a the most relaxing blend of flowers - lavender, chamomile and calendula..  Lavender and Chamomile are wondrous for soothing and calming the skin.  When you feel stressed, scattered, tired or depleted; these flowers encourage us to take the time to pause. 


Our recommendation is to brew a pot of Unwind tea, draw a bath (or shower). Once out of the water, your tea will be ready to drink sip and your body ready to be oiled.  Make sure you are close to the bed- because the combo of tea, warm water and rubbing this oil on your body will have you so relaxed you won't want to go far to sleep.



Body Oil

Our body oils are richly infused with the herbs and flowers we grow. We layer techniques in a multistep process to extract the maximum benefits of the plants for a potent, shelf stable oil.


Using herbal oils is a beautiful way to absorb the blessings of herbs into your body. Woven together with rituals of tea drinking and hydrosol misting you will gently wrap yourself in a tapestry of herbal magic.

Oiling own's body is an act of self love and allows you a small (or substantial) time for profound reconnection with yourself. Notice the nuances of your inner and outer self with this practice of self care. The effects of the herbs, attention and time dedicated to yourself will soften you inside and out.

Directions For Use:

Apply oil after bathing, while your pores are still open to receiving moisture. Drop some oil into your hand and let it warm before moving in a downward motion, beginning at your neck. Connect to the ground and your centre. Use long strokes, gently circling around joints. Take more oil as you need and rub in as long as you feel is right.


1 Milliliter
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