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Hydrosol Sampler Kit - Green - Rose Geranium, Fennel Seed, Apple Mint, Lemon ThymeHydrosol Sampler Kit - Purple - Lavender, tulsi, Lemon Verbena, Cornflower


These sweet little boxes are for those of you:

  • who usually choose all dressed flavour
  • can’t decide which one to choose
  • are ruled by your nose (like me)
  • want to have a little moment of joy in pocket (or anywhere you can hide a tiny bottle)
  • already love hydrosols and want to share them with someone lucky enough to receive a gift from you.


Of course, I use ALL of them- ALL the time. So I understand how hard it is to choose just one. Especially because each hydrosol has a unique personality. Full character profiles for each one available in the hydrosol section of our shop.


Each kit has 4 sampler size (10 ml) glass bottles. All hydrosols are also available in 50 ml bottles when you decide which ones you love enough to keep crushing on.



Aromatherapy Hydrosol Kit - Green box

Only 2 left in stock
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