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UNWIND is for when you feel a strong pull to slow down to be able to fully settle in your little nest. Stillness. Quiet. That place where BEING is all that needs to happen. It’s hard to come to a full stop, it is a process of unwinding. This blend will slowly tease out the urgency of striving and help you come back to yourself.


Catnip is particularly indicated for anxiety paired with restlessness and irritability. It can help calm an excited, restless state and release tension in the body. Lemongrass supports this blend as a powerful nervine, acting as a tonic to unfrazzle your nervous system. Deeply relaxing flowers of lavender, chamomile and rose bring a gentle touch.


Ingredients: Catnip, Lemongrass, Julia Child Rose, Chamomile, Lavender, Stevia Leaf


Brewing Techiques:  Watch a short video to learn about how to brew your perfect pot of tea.


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