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This tea is a cuddle for your soul. As you wrap your hands around a warm mug of tea, you will feel a hug wrapping around you.

Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb which will help your body systems become more resilient and capable of handling stresses. Life is full of little stressors that over time can exhaust our nervous systems and make every challenge feel bigger than it needs to be. Violet Leaf and Roses are included because of their penchant to encourage self love. Ginger leaves (the gentlest part of the plant) are included to add a little warmth and bring it all into balance.


Ingredients:  Tulsi (Holy Basil), Violet Leaf, Wild Rugosa Rose Petal, Ginger Leaf, Stevia Leaf


Brewing Techiques:  Watch a short video to learn about how to brew your perfect pot of tea.


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