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 - soothe & warm -


BREATHE blend feels like a warm hug.  This herbal tisane addresses every kind of respiratory distress.  Are you congested?  Do you feel cold?  Do you have a cough that is productive?  Maybe it is dry or spastic?  Or perhaps you are only troubled at night with a deep barking cough?  This blend will help you.  We prefer to drink it with honey which also soothes.  This blend has herbs that will clear your respiratory pathways, as well as herbs to support the rest of your body to heal. 


Ingredients:  Sage, Ginger Stem, Mullein​, Red Clover, Echinacea Flowers, Oregano, Chickweed, Thyme.


Brewing Techiques:  Watch a short video to learn about how to brew your perfect pot of tea.



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