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LEMON LOVE is our favourite pick me up blend. A calming yet energizing, cloud busting, mood lifter of a beverage. We think this herbal tisane blend has superpowers.


Blended like a perfume- the low note with the staying power of lemongrass, the middle note of lemon balm with its round, greenish lemon scent, and the top note of lemon verbena which adds a kick of a lemon candy to the mix.

All of these lemon herbs have been repeatedly proven to mitigate stress, anxiety and feeling down. If nothing ails you- just brew it for the bit of sunshine it will add to your day. As perfect in a warm mug as it is chilled on a hot day.


Ingredients:  Lemon balm, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Stevia Leaf


Brewing Techiques:  Watch a short video to learn about how to brew your perfect pot of tea.

Lemon Love

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