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*Seasonally available  *Limited editions  *Herbal infused

Where can I get these wondrous products?

Bespoke herbal package 

  • book a free 15 min consult to create

        your custom herbal dream box

Brickworks Farmers Market

November 25

December 16

January 27

February 24

March 30

April 27

Evergreen Garden Market

Stocks our herbal tisanes, hydrosols and curated botanical skin care - open year round


Free samples and meet me:    

Saturdays 11am - 3pm

  • December 2  

  • December 9 

  • 2024 dates TBD

The way we do things

We are a bioregional herbal apothecary. 

This means we only use herbs that we grow at our own homestead.  All of the herbs are hand harvested at their peak and air dried on site.  They are stored with methods to retain maximum potency. 


We strive for self-sufficiency

 Aside from growing and processing all of our herbs, we infuse all of our own oils, macerate our own tinctures and steam distill all of our hydrosols.  All of our skin formulations and tea blending recipes are created from the changing availability of our herb stock.  We don't like to waste a single leaf or petal.

We choose our ingredients ecologically.

Of course, there are ingredients that cannot be locally produced and we do our best to source them mindfully, with as little travel, packaging and processing as possible.

  • Beeswax and honey comes from local beekeepers.

  • Vodka and apple cider vinegar is produced locally in Ontario.

  • Olive oil comes once a year, on a slow boat, in 18 litre tins, directly from a connection in Greece.

  • Salt (Fleur de Sel and Himalayan Pink) comes in bulk from a local organic food store.

  • We limit the use of tropical ingredients and exotic oils, but can't deny the value of ingredients like rosehip oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil.  These are always bought in bulk, organic and fairly traded.

We create as little waste as possible.

All of our packaging is recyclable and reusable. We can refill your bottles if we are making a custom package for you.  At this time we cannot accept bottle returns for general reuse.

Love letters for our products 

I absolutely love the products from WBN.  I use the oils on self and in my services, the body butter, the scrubs, and the facial oil and hydrosols.

I also took the workshop for making the products.  Very impressive.  The prodcuts are made with such love and integrity.  consider the attention and devotion that is put into making these products, I am so glad to bring these products into my body care regime.


Maria curated a package of garden delights she makes with her own hands and the bounty from the garden. I am transported to the garden during the quiet cold winter months when I use the Love Yourself organic herbal body oil on my face and take a big inhale of the lavender, and chamomile flowers infused with olive oil. The garden continues to fill my cup when I need it most. 


OMG Maria, I feel like a new man.  The oil is so rich and luxurious, the lip balm is sublime, and the salve feels like it’ll feed my poor tradesman skin for weeks.


With each gift I pulled out, the words "She is an ANGEL" swept out of my mouth. From the offerings to their gorgeous packaging.  SOOO much gratitude!! Feeling seen and so, so, cared for!!  Thank you, Maria.


Dear Maria,

Your beautiful package just arrived. I feel all the love you poured into these gorgeous gifts. Thank you so much! I've already infused some tulsi, and I'm excited to share it with my friends.  I can't wait to come back and see what magic you continue to create in there.  Love,

    - Charlotte

My elbows were fit to win the sand paper of the year award, and I came across a moisturizing cream made by Maria. After just one application I was no longer a contender for the sandpaper contest. Now I use the cream anywhere I have dry skin (knees, and the top of the heel) and I smell great. Whatever is in that cream makes me feel younger. Thanks Maria. I would recommend your product line to the film industry.   



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