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- Botanical Skincare -


The process of steam distillation that yields hydrosol is a complex science that delivers a botanical water full of therapeutic molecules.  We use purified water and herbs and flowers we grow on our urban farm.

Hydrosols are more subtle than their more concentrated counterparts- essential oils. They share similar properties, but their aromatic profile will be fuller and rounder because they contain water soluble compounds that essential oils do not.

With their high water content, hydrosols are both gentle and very powerful. They are easy to absorb and can be safely used undiluted and directly on the skin. They can be used as part of your daily routine- as a perfume, skin hydrator, face toner, air freshener, or aromatherapy spray. They can quickly and effectively change your mood and are a valuable addition to your first aid kit.


Lavender hydrosol is a nourishing skin conditioner, an effective anti-inflammatory for irritated or sunburned skin and just all around uplifting for your spirit.


It has a deep earthy smell that is calming and refreshing. Excellent as a skin toner to soften and hydrate skin after cleansing. It soothes razor burn, sunburn, itches, diaper rash and skin inflammations like eczema. Sprayed in the air or directly on your face it relaxes the nervous system and can help reduce mental fatigue.


Apple mint towers over other mints in height, with soft wooly leaves and fluffy purple flowers. The bees are big fans and so are we!

A spritz of this brings forward a sweet and uplifting aroma while being cooling and soothing. The fruity notes are especially decadent.

Works wonderfully for oily or blemished skin, underarm deodorant, headaches, sore muscles and soothing nerves. A minty fresh reset! 


Centaurea cyanus (aka Bachelor’s Buttons or Cornflower) is a rare blue beauty in our garden.

This striking cyan flower makes a soothing hydrosol for your skin. It's particularly revered for its soothing effects for puffy or itchy eyes. We like to imagine Old Blue Eyes’ (Frank Sinatra) singing to us while we spritz it on our face.

It promotes cell regeneration, so can help even out skin tone, heal wounds and fade bruises. It makes a gentle and effective toner for any type of skin. It also has a cooling effect and can be helpful with these crazy hot days or if you get hot flashes.

Body Oil

Our body oils are richly infused with herbs and flowers we grow here.  It is a multistep process that uses layered techniques to extract the maximum benefits of the herbs for a potent, shelf stable oil. Using herb infused oils is one more way to absorb the blessings of herbs into your body.  Drink tea along with your oiling ritual and the effects will amplify.

Oiling own's body is an act of self love and allows you a small (or substantial) time for reconnection with yourself.  For me it is like a reset button.  I notice the nuances of my inner and outer self with this practice of self care.  The effects of the herbs and time dedicated to myself have helped my inner voice become gentler.  Sometimes I take it slow, other times I can oil my body in 3 minutes. 


I prefer to apply oil after a shower or bath, while my pores are still open to receiving all of that extra moisture.  Taking a small pump of oil, I let it warm in my hands a moment before going in a downwards motion, beginning at my neck.  This helps me feel more connected to the ground and my centre.  I use long strokes and make gentle circles around my joints.  Take more oil as you need and rub in as long as you feel is right.




Made from a the most relaxing blend of flowers -  hops, calendula, chamomile and lavender.  Hops have incredible anti- inflammatory properties, and does wonders to soothe and calm the skin as well as reduce pain .  Useful as a sedative- it can help you with nervous tension, insomnia, irritability or anxiety. 


Our recommendation is to brew a pot of Unwind tea, draw a bath (or shower). Once out of the water, your tea will be ready to drink sip and your body ready to be oiled.  Make sure you are close to the bed- because the combo of tea, warm water and rubbing this oil on your body will have you so relaxed you won't want to go far to sleep.


This oil is all about taking the time to care for yourself. Made from a magical trifecta of supportive botanicals - chamomile, lavender and rose, this blend is perfect for soothing both your nervous system and skin. When you feel stressed, scattered, tired or depleted; these flowers encourage us to take the time to pause and be nourished. There is something incredible about our own hands recharging us -though we encourage you to share this oil with someone you love.

Fresh season harvest_ bio hop for brewin
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